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At the Rim: Selected Poems At the Rim: Selected Poems
Bob Johnston

In ninety years of residence on this planet, Bob Johnston has accumulated a lot of what he calls “inner debris.” After weeding out the trash, the remainder appeared to be worth exposing to public view. The result is this small volume of poems in which he talks about love, loss, and gratitude, along with some outrage at having been propelled into a century that he doesn?t understand at all.

In the title poem, “At the Rim,” he stands at a canyon?s edge and waits for one who will never return. In “The Seven Deadly Colors,” he enters the minds of those who tested the limits of the seven deadly sins. And in “Epitaph of a Procrastinator,” he bids farewell to those who loved him. Along the way, he manages to have a few good laughs at poets, scientists, and psychiatrists.

At the Rim is available at Alamosa Books and other local bookstores.
It is also available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Bob Johnston Sunstone Press, 2011    ISBN 978-0-86534-814-1
Soft cover, 6 ? 9 inches, 84 pages, $14.95

The author is a retired petroleum engineer and translator. This is his first published book of poetry, and quite probably his last. His other published works include a number of papers in the scientific press and eight books translated from Russian. He waited until his sixtieth year to begin writing serious poetry, and over the next thirty years he has been trying to catch up. His poetry and short stories have been published in twenty-odd literary journals. He lives in the original Las Vegas, New Mexico with his wife, three cats, and some hope of completing his memoirs and the Great American Novel.


Worship to God Exalting God through the power of the written word, author Princess Ifeoma Achusim shares twenty short yet meaningful poems that send messages of worship and glory. Worship to God talks of the effect of the Word of God in the life of a believer, the fruits of the Spirit, communication with God, and more. After each poem, the author provides a commentary, explaining the Princess Ifeoma Achusim poem?s significance, including the time, place, and her inspiration for writing it.

Paired with moving illustrations that uplift the heart, enlighten the mind, and refresh the soul, Worship to God is also a loving invitation to give thanks to the Almighty through prayers and exaltation.

Available through local bookstore?s order desk or at these online bookstores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xlibris, or by phone at 1-888-795-4274 ext.7879.


Barbara DuBois Chapbooks Barbara DuBois, Socorro's Poet Laureate, Advertises Three Chapbooks

Barbara DuBois, Socorro's Poet Laureate and Chair of the Rio Abajo Poets, is offering three chapbooks for sale. A Greek Suite is comprised of poems inspired by her tour of Greece and sells for $6.00. Country Style features poems inspired by her retirement to the country and sells for $8.00. The third chapbook, Love Lyrics, contains poems narrating the course of her relationship with her ?sweetheart? and sells for $6.00.

DuBois retired from teaching college English and publishes travel articles, grammar articles, book reviews, and poetry. When not reading or writing, she sings, swims, travels, or hikes.

You can inquire about purchasing the books at the following address:

        Barbara DuBois
        Post Office Box 474
        Socorro, NM 87801


A Girl in a Large Rectangle A Girl in a Large Rectangle: a Collection of Poetry
NMSPS Poet Deborah Barba Eagan

This recently published chapbook is available on for $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Poets and readers are welcome to make inquiries to the author at or by phone at 505-889-3774 for autographed copies for $9.95 + $.75 tax.

A Girl in a Large Rectangle is the debut poetry collection of Deborah Barba Eagan, the 2006 Albuquerque Tricentennial Poet. In her poetry she shares her passion for family, music, nature, travel and ultimately for life. The cover image of this chapbook is a photo of an oil portrait of the author when she was 12 years old it when it was painted and framed in a large rectangle of gilded wood. Consequently, “A Girl in the Large Rectangle” is both the book title and the title of one the poems where the author recalls gazing at it and pondering her future. Now, much of that future has come and gone and in these poems she looks back on moments in her life. Deborah Barba Eagan

Deborah Barba Eagan of Albuquerque, New Mexico has read her poems at several past events in Albuquerque and in Las Cruces. She belongs to SouthWest Writers, the New Mexico State Poetry Society and the Albuquerque TGIF Poetry Group. In April 2004, for National Poetry Month, she was featured on the children?s radio program, Read Albuquerque. Several of her poems have been published in the Albuquerque broadside, the Rag. As the Albuquerque Tricentennial Poet in 2006 her poem, “Come See Albuquerque,” was published on the Tricentennial website.


Honey Blue Honey Blue
Larry Castillo-Wilson

Honey Blue is a work of poetry that spans thirty-one years of poetry writing. The title is derived from one of the poems in which Castillo-Wilson describes the beauty of New Mexico as “sopaipilla clouds cavorting with honey blue skies.”

The work begins with a section entitled “Dreams of a Better World,” which presents a theme of aspirations for future life that is nobler and more creative than the present, a theme that is interwoven throughout the book. “The Sweetness of Life” follows with poems expressing rare moments of heightened happiness, the glory of a relationship immersed in love, and the thrill of living on the shore of beauty.

The next section is entitled, “Words Laughing.” These poems are humorous experiences Castillo-Wilson has had over the years with some “stretchers,” as Mark Twain would say. Also included are two poems written for the Children?s Poetry Project, one of which is a bilingual poem.

The next several sections are religious poems written for use in disaster relief work, in worship services, and on special occasions. The final section, “Cosmology” raises the question of the destiny of the human race in the universe.

The book may be purchased by googling “Larry Castillo-Wilson” or “Honey Blue” on or purchased from the author.



King Pachuco and Princess Mirasol
Bonnie K. Rucobo

King Pachuco, the youngest King of Pacifista in the next galaxy, has just met Princess Mirasol at her first Palace Ball. As the King escorts the Princess to her palace, they encounter Malvado, an evil troll, who transforms them into the eggs of a Lilac-headed Amazon parrot and a lovebird and sends them down a wormhole in space to Planet Earth. An old Hispanic couple buys King Pachuco who hatches in a pet shop. Princess Mirasol lives in a sparrow.s nest near the Rio Grande and must travel toward the mountains in search of water. She, too, finds her way to the home of the old couple. The birds live for a time in the kitchen of the elderly couple in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then they plan their escape into the night sky and their perilous journey home.

Publisher: The Wildflower Press

To order copies of King Pachuco and Princess Mirasol contact:

The Wildflower Press
P.O. Box 4757
Albuquerque, NM 87196-4757

King Pachuco and Princess Mirasol can also be ordered online through



Cactus Factory
Debbi Miller Gutierrez

No matter what Tansy Tuttletin faces, she never gives up. When Mrs. Tuttletin.s employer, the town.s yarn factory, faces closure, Tansy searches for odd jobs. When cabbage soup is all there is to eat, she wheels her wagon full of little red plant pots door to door. When a notorious burglar threatens to steal the silver sugar bowl Mr. Tuttletin left Tansy and her mother, she meets the danger head-on. Will her good spirits and can-do attitude pay off? Perhaps, with a little help from the "cactus factory."

Cactus Factory is sometimes funny, sometimes surprising, and all the time good reading fun for children 12 and under. With something for everyone, parents, grandparents, and teachers will enjoy reading this chapter book out loud to little ones, or reading along with early and middle grade readers.

Cactus Factory can be purchased from PBM.



In a Rose Wood Wandering
Jeanne Shannon

In a Rose Wood Wandering is a collection of poems, stories, meditations and reveries that explore the idea of "rose." It wanders through gardens and orchards, looking at the rose itself and at numerous other members of the large rose family, including apples, pears, strawberries, and almonds, and how these have appeared in history and mythology. It visits women named Rose and even notices rose-patterned china teacups and silver spoons with roses on their handles.

Publisher: Mercury HeartLink. ISBN 978-0-9839935-1-3. Price $15.00. Available from Amazon and The Wildflower Press.

About the Author: Jeanne Shannon grew up in rural southwest Virginia, in a farming community attuned to the Earth and its plant and animal life. Members of the rose family were abundant, and the region was known for its apple orchards. Early on she became interested in the fact that plants are divided into families, and the family group that includes the rose captured her special attention.

Her poetry, short fiction, and memoir essays have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She has published three full-length collections of her work and several chapbooks. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



Walking Fish: a Novel
Joanne Bodin

This provocative, emotionally charged novel delves into the inner worlds of people grappling with painful paradoxes of life, and like the walking fish, they must find ways to adapt in order to survive. Talia, an eccentric artist living in Corrales, New Mexico with her partner Renie, is catapulted into an unfolding saga that compels her to revisit her unconventional past, revealing truths that change the lives of everyone involved.

Walking Fish is a New Mexico Book Awards winner for gay/lesbian fiction and a finalist in three other categories; an International Book Awards winner in two categories; a USA Book Awards finalist, and an EVVY Award finalist through the Colorado Independent Publisher's Association.

Piggybacked: poetry
Joanne Bodin

Piggybacked is a collection of poems that evokes universal experiences of beauty, pain, suffering, longing, joy, mirth, dreams, and nightmares, allowing the reader a glimpse into the unorthodox world view of the poet. With thought-provoking imagery, these poems allow us to delve into the paradoxes of our own human existence. The inspiration for this book came from the author's relationship with her late grandfather, also a poet, and their individual quests for freedom. The title of the book is an expression of ancestral ties that bind us through the generations.

About the Author: Joanne Bodin, Ph.D., is a retired teacher of the gifted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Instruction and Multicultural Teacher Education. She co-authored a book, Step By Step Storytelling: a Narrative Language Curriculum, which has been used by speech/language pathologists for language delayed learners. She plays jazz piano, is a watercolor artist, and is currently working on a novel about the esoteric world of orchids. Her website is Both Walking Fish and Piggybacked are available on



Somewhere in Ireland
Linda Whittenberg

Commentary about Somewhere in Ireland:

"In a strong, honest, confident voice, at once American and Irish, Linda Whittenberg leads us .on a fascinating journey across the years and miles, from the dark days of The Famine in County Clare, over oceans and deserts and back again to the 21st Century. The poems here are full of love, not to mention forgiveness and a deep understanding of where her people came from and the times and circumstances that drove them. Somewhere in Ireland should appeal to readers on both sides of the Atlantic."       —John McGrath, writer, teacher, editor, manages Moybella Press which publishes the work of Irish writers, including his own book, Blue Sky Day.

"This book-length narrative in poetry makes the search for Linda Whittenberg.s Irish roots a pleasure to read chiefly because we have real poems here, poems written out of necessity. I.m thinking it must be the Irish in her blood that makes so many of these poems sing. Like she herself says, 'Sounds of a joyful hymn/sung in spite of sorrow.'"       —Tom Crawford, author of six books of poetry, and recipient of the Pushcart Prize, Fore Word Book of the Year, the Oregon Book Award for Poetry, and two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships.

What others have said about Tender Harvest:

"Linda Whittenberg.s Tender Harvest is the real thing: an adult.s garden of verses rich in small-town story, down-home truth, soil-bred wisdom, land-of-little-rain beauty, and more—all interwoven with evocative detail, spiritual attentiveness, emotional intelligence, tough-minded clarity, and verbal music tuned to a well-tempered ear."       — Michael L. Johnson, author of From Hell to Jackson Hole, a Poetic History of the American West, and several volumes of poetry. He is Professor of English, University of Kansas.

"Linda Whittenberg is a poet whose genius is close listening, tender attention to the milagro at the heart of the ordinary. This book generously invites the reader to be a guest at a well-set table, to be fed in many worlds. This is poetry lit from within—whose musical surfaces open to reveal the depth and breadth of a forgiveness we all long to taste and know, mercy we all yearn to show and be shown.and yet, still.there is the gentle.but powerful.startle.just inside each sweet kernel of knowing."       — Judyth Hill, performing poet and teacher of poetry. Books include: Black Hollyhock, First Light; A Presence of Angels; Men Need Space; Altar of the Ordinary.

About the Author: Linda Whittenberg began writing after retirement from Unitarian Universalist ministry. Besides poetry, she also finds time for yoga and quilting, as well as hiking and dancing with her husband Bob Wilber. At home in Santa Fe they both enjoy their animal friends: a mule, a goat and two cattle dogs.

You can purchase these and other books by Linda Whittenberg on her website, Email Linda at



Already There: poems
Shirley Blackwell

To find a hidden thing already there, one must first pay attention. A childhood spent in the grand but unforgiving landscapes of the desert southwest and a career as a national security analyst reinforced that insight for Shirley Blackwell. Already There is an eclectic harvest of poems found by combining rigorous intellectual investigation with a personal longing to understand both the workings of the cosmos and of the human heart.

Whether the topic is caring for a mother-in-law with dementia, finding one's own path, marital fidelity, or lessons in courage for a 4-year-old terrorized by a neighbor.s vicious turkey, the poet speaks in a voice of unflinching candor. The natural world suffuses this book both as metaphor and for its own beauty.s sake, but don't expect a sentimental treatment of the birds and beasties in these poems. They all occupy a niche in the food chain. What you can expect is poetry imbued with depth and whimsy, scientific fact and mythical fantasy, gentleness and raw honesty.all couched in precise, musical language. These perceptive poems celebrate the strength of the human spirit as well as its place in a wondrous universe.

Purchase Already There: poems at



this woman
Elizabeth Raby

Poems that explore how that girl became this woman, how the experiences of the child shaped the preoccupations, the eyes, the head and the heart, of the adult. Poems that explore the whole mysterious cycle, with stops for grief and beauty along the way; that prepare the poet for the sweet hold of earth, each life a seed in the dark.

Christopher Bursk, winner of the 2004 Donald Hall Prize in Poetry for The Improbable Swervings of Atoms, writes of This Woman .I found myself delighting in poem after poem.and in the way the poems spoke to each other. I know no one better able to renew in even the most jaded of us a sense of wonder and an appreciation of the fragile balance of our lives. Elizabeth Raby faces the terrible and yet she keeps returning to a brave and determined affirmation of the now..

cover art: sculpture by Susan Opie, photographs by Andrew Douglas
isbn 9780983009191
coming in 2012. Click here to preorder now for $10.00 (including shipping in the US)

ink on snow
Elizabeth Raby

What unites all the poems in Ink on Snow is the voice of someone brave enough to see closely both the painful and the ask what will satisfy and to trust the words to respond in the way we trust prayers to be answered: not with easy solutions or simple fixes, but with a recognition that what we are looking for will never reveal itself in the way we expect it to. So many of the poems are acts of witness by a speaker who is both detached and passionate, intimate and observant, conscious of her distance from things.tragedies, natural phenomenon, people.and determined to bridge this distance through the agency of a loving and courageous language, exploring the dark energies that inform her life and the world.s and in doing so, illuminating our lives and hers. Christopher Bursk, author of The First Inhabitants of Arcadia

cover art by Debby Sou Vai Keng, cover design by Regina Schroeder
isbn 9780981989846      $15.00
Click here to purchase

the year the pears bloomed twice
Elizabeth Raby

Lust, greed, avarice, gluttony..all are present in the poems of The Year the Pears Bloomed Twice. From the small ache at her center, the poet celebrates and quarrels with the beauty and grief of this world, her hungers of spirit and flesh. The language of her full humanity.her embarrassing longings and unreasonable passions.both seduces and challenges the reader.

cover photo by Katia Mitova, isbn 9780979882579      $15.00
Click here to purchase.



Sweeping the Skylight
Donald Levering

Donald Levering's Sweeping the Skylight brings a fuller light onto the ordinary world, defamiliarizes it, freshens the reader's sense of it--deals revealingly with "the buried strangeness / Which nourishes the known." Here a confident, mature poetic voice shares the unexpected and memorable significances that can be discovered in daily--even domestic--life.
      —Michael L. Johnson, author of Sky Land: A Southwestern Cycle.

Sweeping the Skylight elevates the inner workings of the domesticCCclothesline, cellar, microwaveCCto their near-mythic roots: fire-smudged caves, calls of hump-backed whales, cathedral chants. And when the house falters as a marriage dissolves, Levering's poems evoke a loss of relative magnitude. This collection is necessary and urgent, like a ventilator/like a prayer.
      —Valerie Martnez, Levis Poetry Prize Winner, author of Each and Her, And They Called It Horizon, and Santa Fe Poet Laureate.

In Sweeping the Skylight, the brilliant poems of Donald Levering capture and release the fermentation of time, and the light from below.
      —Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods, and recipient of the Audubon Medal.

About the Author: Born in Kansas City, Donald Levering has published eight poetry books, most recently, Whose Body (Sunstone). He was the recipient of a NEA Poetry Fellowship and an Academy of American Poets Featured Poet in the Online Forum. He lives in Santa Fe. More information can be found at

To order Sweeping the Skylight, visit this website or call 502-316-5104 (M-F, 1pm-6pm EST).

The Number of Names
Donald Levering

Donald Levering introduces The Number of Names by referring to the mystical Kabbalah. “We learn that God creates the world through numbers and letters, rearranging them in infinite combinations to make new things come into being. My anthropomorphic version of this is God wearing dark glasses fingering the accordion keyboard of primal letters and numbers, playing into existence a panoply of matter and energy forms. Or God the grandfather of all fiddlers making up stories and lies to accompany the improbable songs that become our lives.”

“The voice of these poems is discriminating and sympathetic, the act of naming carefully and lovingly articulated; they include our motives toward beauty and evil...In our age of diminishments, The Number of Names undertakes the difficult task of celebrating, without gratuitousness, an abiding variety and abundance.” —William Wenthe

“The poems in The Number of Names are among Donald Levering's most compelling and philosophic work. It is as if the poet had paused in the midst of life to contemplate death, change, and inheritance--not as separate things but as part of an ongoing poetic present. A sense of another world--dream, myth--permeates this book and enriches us as readers.” —Miriam Sagan

The Number of Names (107 pp.) is available for $16.95 from Sunstone Press at (800) 243-5644.

Algonquins Planted Salmon
Donald Levering

Algonquins Planted Salmon celebrates dancing cranes, flitting moths, and falling stars. It likewise decries river damming, coal mining, and monstrous poisonings. It is a book in which, “Nature is making her last stand” and is paved over “to make way/for the passing of humans.”

Donald Levering's new collection is a soul-satisfying exchange about the universe, time, knowledge, and spirits of places. This is a book of amazing substance and depth, rare in any form. — Denise Low

Levering always grounds his poems in his gift for the local habitation and name, for his disarmingly appealing, yet sophisticated use of the lyric voice. This book compels us to “walk outside / ourselves” and take the long, long view, and in that view to find an immediacy of wonder. — William Wenthe

The metamorphic poems in Donald Levering's new book take us on a remarkable set of adventures. —Charles Goodrich

Levering makes possible a perception of human days on Earth not separated from creation itself. —Susan Clare

When I read this fine work it's as if I'm in a world outside of time, looking at daily life from a new perspective in which everything becomes symbolic. —Victor Contoski

Algonquins Planted Salmon (84 pp.) is available for $16.95 from Red Mountain Press.



Journey of the Shunammite
Loretta Tollefson

The people in the Bible were living human beings who experienced complex human emotions. Just as fiction helps us to understand ourselves by pointing out the similarities between human beings that transcend culture and time, so the Biblical accounts bolster our understanding of ourselves and the human condition.

We comprehend a little more clearly how the wisest of men can justify to himself actions of great folly. We see what might compel a daughter-in-law to sacrifice everything to follow an old and poor woman into a land full of strangers. These poems attempt to answer the questions: what might it have been like to have been there? how might it have felt? why might that person have reacted in that way? They are meditations on the human emotions and reactions that bridge centuries and particular habits of life, and on our human interaction with the Divine.

Available at

Crown of Laurel
Loretta Tollefson

What happens when your dreams come face to face with economic reality? Do you compromise, lower your sights and find a way to some measure of comfort through a lower level of achievement? Or, do you stick doggedly to your course even though it promises no certain reward and may lead to total failure? This novel.s two main characters, Deborah and Lawrence, both face the decision to compromise or to pursue their goals with no thought for the consequences. The fortune of one proceeds by compromise and ends in comfort. That of the other devolves into homelessness and a life on the street. Set in Seattle during the recession of the early 1980.s, this novel reflects its streets, back alleys and moody skies and provides a gallery of sharply drawn, unforgettable characters.

Available at

About the Author: Loretta Miles Tollefson has a B.S. in Biblical Education and an M.A. in Communication, and will receive an M.A. in English Literature in May 2012. Raised in western Washington State, she lives in Tome, NM and looks forward to studying literature and writing full time when she retires.



The Fetish Ruby
Annmarie Pearson

Murder is a ruby's curse:

This fascinating tale of mystery, romance and motherhood with the aid of a mischievous family cat, teaches Maria Garcia-Stewart lessons of forgiveness and family unity. Maria, a widow with ten-year old twins, finds her life in chaos and danger when she is gifted an historic landmark estate after the death of her neighbor, Mr. Samuel Suarez. Maria is also the primary suspect in Mr. Suarez murder.

The Fetish Ruby is available from Amazon and at CreateSpace.

Nature Rhymes with Natural Impressions
Annmarie and William Pearson

Nature Rhymes with Natural Impressions is a collaborative work of poetry and photographs. Bill and Annmarie Pearson, married for over forty years, have combined their talents of photographing nature's exquisite beauty and poetry. Annmarie's cognizant views in poetic art accentuate Bill's illuminating images.

Nature Rhymes with Natural Impressions is available from Amazon and at CreateSpace.

About the Author: Annmarie has written poetry for over twenty years. Her work has been published in Playboy Magazine, Valencia County News-Bulletin, the University of New Mexico's Valley Visions, the New Mexico Breeze, Roswell's Small Canyon 4 Anthology, the Albuquerque Fixed and Free Anthology, and in the Hearts of Glass, a National Library of Poetry collection. She has also held the position of Chair for the Rio Grande Valencia Poets, and served as a board member of the New Mexico State Poetry Society for several years.



When East Was North When East Was North
Andrea Millenson Penner

This collection of very personal but accessible poems explores the changing substance of recent and distant memory. The poet evokes familiar, intimate scenes though a delicate balance of words and emotions, humor and pathos: a revisiting of childhood memories and neighborhoods, a parent.s terminal illness, a woman.s disintegrating marriage, and a lover's passions. Here are the personal and universal vicissitudes of life that make our existence so challenging and exciting.

“These poems are a pleasure to read. They are little landscapes, detailed and full of life.” Vicki Holmsten, Teacher and Writer, San Juan College

“Andi Penner's poetry is a cause for celebration. Her real genius lies in capturing the small, often unnoticed and imperfect life events and describing them perfectly. Whether it.s a phone call with a friend, a trip to a bakery or the raw emotion felt after listening to an NPR interview, Penner is wise, poignant and funny. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be reminded of what.s important in life.” Eddi Porter, Learning & Development Team Leader, BP America/North America Gas.

Author: Albuquerque poet Andrea (Andi) Millenson Penner, PhD, sees the world through the places where she has lived and visited, and through the ebb and flow of human relationships. As an educator and writer, Andi is passionate about communication, learning, and artistic expression in service of individual and community well being.

Publisher: Mercury Heartlink, $16.00

Available on Amazon: When East Was North or at the author's blog



Memento Mori
Brittany Wyatt

Memento Mori, Remember You Will Die, is a book of reflection on the brevity of life. The poetry searches through the feelings of those about to die, those who have faced the death of a love one, those who question to meaning of life, and those who simple begin to understand the shortness of time. Many poetic styles are used to help give the reader an empathic mind to the individual “writers,” understanding the emotions and truths that all go through at different stages of their lives. Feel inspired with this work to meditate and find your own meaning in life.

Author: Brittany Wyatt is a New Mexico resident who has been writing poetry of all styles since her childhood. Memento Mori is her debut release with a close second coming out this August. She has a great love of writing and expression through poetry. She is also a very ecstatic experimental cook. She stays at home keeping busy with managing a house, homeschooling, continuing education in Psychology, and many hobbies such as rug braiding, sewing, reading, and of course, writing. Her desire is to publish many poetic works of various theme and to eventually become a funeral director once her children are grown.

Book Purchase: and Release date Feb. 26th, 2013. Preorders available (see site for exact date).

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Flights of Fancy
Dawn Huffaker

Flights of Fancy is a collection of poetry written over a 25-year period. The book's name was derived from the series of `flights', or chapters. She chose life events and themes from nature as her topics. The majority of the poetry was inspired by the scenic views around her mountain home.

A book review by Candace Morehouse states:

... New Mexico presents a unique majesty of natural beauty and the evidence of God's skillful touch in designing magnificent glory. The author is quite skilled at describing this splendor just right:

soft purple glow/whispers across the sky/as the sun yawns/and exits the day; soft pink glow/nudges the stars/from the dance floor/and sends them off to bed.

I love these lines and their personification of celestial bodies.

Reading the poetic lines make me wish I were in New Mexico once again and able to view it through the author's eyes, as she writes:

I live on the shoulder/of a sleeping giant/his nightshirt is made/of the junipers/and pines.

Flights of Fancy is a truly touching and beautiful work sure to provide inspiration to anyone who reads it.

Available through Amazon:
Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN-13: 978-1434836502
Price: $5.95

Author: Dawn Huffaker resides in southwestern New Mexico. She is physically handicapped (since eight months old). This hasn't stopped her. She founded and ran a computer store in her community for 17 years. In 2006, she retired. Poetry was her passion since junior high. Now, she can focus on her dream.

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Leaf and Beak: sonnets
Scott Wiggerman

"I am reminded of Robert Frost and James Audubon. What a relief and refreshingly free of irony—classical, lyrical, romantic sonnets." —review on Texas Book Lover

Most mornings for the past decade, poet Scott Wiggerman has walked the trails at Austin's Mueller Lake Park, an urban space created on land that once held the city's airport. Awake to the landscape as he walked, Wiggerman stopped from time to time and jotted a word or phrase for a poem that would come later. Leaf and Beak is the product of these walks, of the poet's ever watchful eye, of the discipline he learned mastering the sonnet. Readers are in good hands here. The sonnets—seventy-five of them—flow so smoothly you can forget you're reading a sonnet and just let the images take you in, the rhythms move you forward. The poems of Leaf and Beak are quiet poems, reflective poems, poems that ask you to walk in stillness for moments at a time, to absorb "the hidden in full view," to appreciate "a lone green leaf / that hangs on like a weekend birthday, deaf / to bitter winds." Wiggerman moves from the observed image, letting some details turn him inward while others lead to meditations on his fellow beings, on the world he walks. "What will / tomorrow bring that now cannot be seen?" he asks. "What change, what wonders to discover?"

Cover photo by Paul Licce Photography

Purchase from Purple Flag/VAC or from the author.
ISBN: 9780944048658
Chicago: Purple Flag, 2015


"In Presence, we meet, in the poet's own words, 'the drumming of a buoyant heart.' It is a sound that will not defer to injustice. It is an intelligent and artful yawp that won't go quietly. It is a witnessing we need to hear in a world so full of babbling and duplicity. It's the sound of truth itself . . . . Through it all, Wiggerman's marvelous craft gives shape to his versatility and poignant insight. He is a must-read American poet. Share him with everyone you know who cares about words and the truth."—poet Robert McDowell

"These poems are honest and personal: a dialogue about the conflicted need we all have to be present in a family, present with a lover, present in our our bodies, present in the natural world, present as ourselves. These are substantial poems of longing to belong and of the pain of exclusion."—review in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

"Presence evokes the elements—palpable qualities of air, earth, water and fire, and more—the difficult-to-render textures of familial love, lovers, loss, renewal, memory, and what one needs to stay present to the elemental world. So many moments in Wiggerman's poems 'evaporate like broth into essence,' allowing us to feel absence become presence. And as the poet wisely notes, 'the juxtaposition is seamless."—poet Laurie Kutchins

cover photo by Carol King

Purchase from the author.
ISBN: 9781931247955
San Antonio: Pecan Grove Press, 2011

Vegetables and Other Relationships

"These well-wrought poems emerge from the physical garden of today and now. They are like the food of contemporary America in their wide range that satisfies the palate. From painful moments of childhood to silky erotica to delightful bursts of humor, Scott Wiggerman's faith in the power of human love and caring prevails to make Vegetables and Other Relationships a true feast."—poet Judith Minty

"Wiggerman's poems are like depth charges shot into the churning seas of the cultural wars: some explore softly and deceptively near the surface; others plunge deep, sending seismic shock waves through complacent souls too long sleeping in the mud of declension; all are well crafted implements of personal and political disruption."—Ric Williams in The Austin Chronicle

Purchase from the author.
ISBN: 1891386131
Austin: Plain View Press, 2000

Author: Scott Wiggerman is the author of three books of poetry, Leaf and Beak: Sonnets, Presence, and Vegetables and Other Relationships; and the editor of several volumes, including Wingbeats: Exercises & Practice in Poetry, Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku & Haiga, and Wingbeats II. Recent poems have appeared in Red Earth Review, Frogpond, Pinyon Review, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, and the anthologies This Assignment Is So Gay, Pushing the Envelope and The Great Gatsby Anthology. He is an editor for Dos Gatos Press of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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